The Gospel at Home is a manual for living a better on Earth. The human existence is a complex experience, often stunning us with cascades of hard-to-understand events and awkward circumstances. Adding to it all, our souls and hearts seem to be always restless in ways that confuse reason.

The Gospel at Home helps you to reacquaint yourself with your purpose on Earth. It puts you and your companions on a pathway to meet with Jesus, the Friend that knows you and whose advice you can trust unconditionally.

The principles exposed by Allan Kardec in the works that define the Spiritist Doctrine echoes what is common and pure in all religions. Whether you attend church regularly or are a free-thinker, the Gospel at Home experience will restructure your family environment, give you a new understanding of relationships, and make you a more competent citizen of the Earth community.


The practice and continuous study of the Gospel at Home have the purpose of uniting all creatures, creating peace and harmony among all.
Cleaning our home with our superior feelings and thoughts, allowing the messengers of God to guide us.
To provide at home, both inside and out, the necessary strength to face material and spiritual difficulties, keeping active the principles for enhancement of a better world.

Principle reason for this study

1. When we study the Gospel according to Spiritism we discover that it is easier to find the true essence. When this happens, then we can begin to mould our lives according to the wishes and teachings of Jesus.

2. The practice of The Gospel at Home creates the beneficial habit of evangelical study within the home itself. The ultimate purpose of these gatherings is to awaken and strengthen sentiments of fellowship in the family and among our friends.

3. Through these moments of peace, which unite us more closely, we are offered a more tranquil existence.

4. By generating superior thoughts and sentiments among members of a family, it offers the possibility of spiritually cleansing of the home, thus permitting easy access for the influence of God’s messengers throughout the week.

5. Because it amplifies our knowledge of Christ’s teachings, in both exact and spiritual terms, it allows us to be able to pass on these teachings to others with greater accuracy.

6. Wherever we may be it makes it easier for us to receive help from our spiritual friends when needed, which enables us to face up to and resolve both material and spiritual difficulties. This is because during the process of study we learn to maintain in constant operation the principles of vigilance and prayer.

7. The Gospel at Home raises the everyday vibratory level of all members of the family (whether participants or not), thereby helping the Spiritual Benefactors in the best possible manner in their objectives towards achieving a better world.

Orientation for the realisation of the gospel at home

a) After careful thoughts choose a day and time during the week when as many members of the family as possible can be present. This day and time are then kept RIGOROUSLY every week, so assuring constant spiritual assistance. If you live alone or the other members of your family do not wish to participate, then follow this procedure by yourself. Do not allow the fact of being only one person deters you from this practice. Please note that it is also suggested that friends be invited to participate on a regular basis.

b) Begin with a short spontaneous prayer. Remember that sentiment and sincerity are essentials, for this reason, it is not recommended to read or to recite prayers. Ask for protection for your study, for the presence of Spiritual Benefactors and help to assimilate the study.

c) Follow the opening prayer with a reading from The Gospel According to Spiritism, by Allan Kardec. This may be a sequential reading each week or the book may be opened casually.

d) Participants should make brief commentaries about the reading, always seeking the essence of the teaching and applying them to daily life. Avoid straying from the topic. Even if doing this study alone, it is essential that the prayers, reading and comments be made out aloud.

e) If there is more than one person present, the one having the most spiritual knowledge may perhaps be chosen to preside over the meeting, so as to encourage study and help all to understand. Everyone takes turns in reading and commenting.

f) The meeting should not be less than fifteen minutes and not more than one hour. Once the time limit is agreed it should be maintained.

g) The meeting will close with a prayer, during which thanks should be offered for the teaching received. Our prayers should include thoughts of our planet, for the varying countries, for hospitals, for particular arrears of need that week, any person in need of special help at that moment, world peace, fraternity amongst all men etc.

h) It is useful to place a jug of water on the table during the study and then water may be distributed amongst the participants after the closing prayer.

The meeting should not be suspended because of unexpected visitors, for invitations, which may be put off till some other time, or for any futile reason. This is a sacred trust with the Spiritual Realm, on this day, at this time. In the case of unexpected visitors, it is always possible to make an excuse or even to invite them to join in the study.

WE OFFER A WARNING: at no time should this meeting be allowed to turn into a mediumship session.

Any person not able to control their psychic tendencies, should not be allowed to attend the study until such time as they are able to discipline their mediumship.

Advice should be given to the person as to where they may receive Healing and orientation on mediumship matters.

It is essential that this person is treated with loving care, but firmness. Special prayers should be said for him to help him regain his balance.

It is important to notice that if this study is allowed to become a mediumship group then all ends would be defeated, both for incarnates and discarnate alike.

All forms of Mediumship must be educated, orientated and finally developed under adequate conditions, through competent methods, directed by experienced and responsible persons.

For further orientation please consult:
The Medium’s Book by Allan Kardec
The Spirit’s Book by Allan Kardec
(Material prepared by Allan Kardec Study Group – London England)