Spiritism follows a doctrine which was revealed by Superior Spirits and received through mediumship. All the information was gathered together and codified by a French educator known as Allan Kardec and was originally published in France more than one hundred and thirty years ago.

Spiritism is a:

  • Science because it studies all spiritual phenomena by the light of reason and within scientific criteria. There is nothing of the supernatural within Spiritism. Even the strangest phenomena can be explained scientifically and, therefore, are in the order of natural occurrences.
  • Philosophy because it investigates the true nature of life by answering questions such as “where have I come from?”, “what am I doing in this world?” and “‘where will I go after death?” Every doctrine that explains life is a philosophy.
  • Religion because it has the moral transformation of mankind as its finality. It advocates a returning to the teachings of Jesus Christ in our daily lives. It shows Christianity in its true expression of love and charity.

Below are the five main books codified by Allan Kardec, which leads Spiritism:

  1. The Spirits’ Book
  2. The Mediums’ Book
  3. The Gospel according to Spiritism
  4. Heaven & Hell
  5. Genesis